Changing Priorities

As twenty-somethings we want to do it all, don’t we? We want to travel, excel at work, pursue hobbies, stay fit, party hard and maintain a vibrant social life. Yet, we often find ourselves scrolling through social media, lamenting the lack of time. And if you are like me, God forbid, you’re easily inspired and equally easily distracted. Inspired by new ideas, opportunities, and adventures that beckon from every corner. Yet, succumbing to the distractions of social media notifications, Netflix binges, or spontaneous outings. It’s a tough spot to be in—wanting to accomplish everything but feeling perpetually short on time and energy. The struggle lies not only in finding focus but also in maintaining it amidst the constant noise of modern life.

The past year has been a whirlwind of activities. Social gatherings, trips, and a busy schedule took precedence over writing. I started off with two basic goals – to do well in my 9-5 job and to start a blog. However, I made some major decisions and lifestyle changes which shifted things. I joined the gym and started lifting weights, which consumed a significant amount of energy. I took the major decision of pursuing a master’s degree and started working towards it. Being an ambivert, I decided to socialize more- I initiated outings with friends and family. I also travelled a lot. Not to mention, I was working my 9-5 job which was a different world in itself.

At some point, I had to face the music: I couldn’t do it all at once. The blog, once a passionate project, felt like an added pressure. I had too much on my plate and I had to put the blog on hold. I knew that writing is just a subset of blogging, but I underestimated how much more blogging entailed. It’s a lot of methodical work- that’s what makes it interesting. The idea of quitting it altogether crossed my mind more than once. But deep down, I knew I didn’t want to let it go. The blog was my creative outlet, a space where I could share my thoughts and find my voice.

I’m not going lie, I still could’ve made time for my blog. However, it’s incredibly easy to fall into a cycle of procrastination. One day of missed writing turns into weeks, and before you know it, many months have flown by. Nevertheless, the guilt of not writing has been a constant companion. In retrospect, maybe this break was necessary for self-reflection. New experiences may have shifted my focus, but I have come to realize that this flux is a constant part of life. There will never be enough time and energy for everything, and that’s okay. It’s okay to pause, reflect, and recalibrate. We can’t do it all, all the time. The key is prioritizing and accepting that some things might have to be put on hold.

Here’s the thing about changing priorities—they force you to reassess what truly matters. While the blog was on hold, I never stopped writing though – how could I not go back to my journal every time there’s a minor inconvenience? Whether scribbling thoughts in my journal or drafting ideas for future blog posts, writing remained a comforting outlet. It reminded me that the heart of blogging lies not only in sharing experiences but also in the disciplined craft of words and ideas. Returning to blogging is about embracing the methodical work that goes into creating meaningful content. It’s about the grind, the revision, and the commitment to clarity amidst the noise.

So, my takeaway from this phase is that changing priorities are a natural and necessary part of growth. While my blogging journey has had its ups and downs, the passion remains, and I’m excited to continue sharing my experiences here, now that some items on my list are checked off and I’ve got some time to spare. With each blog post, I invite you to join me in exploring new perspectives, sharing insights, and acknowledging the reality of evolving priorities.